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Things To See & Do
  • Only two hours north of Johannesburg,

  • This 12000 hectare reserve is home to an abundance of animal and birdlife.

  • See the “Big 5”, zebra, hippopotamus, giraffe, more than 20 antelope- and 300 bird species

  • No worries about malaria and taking any preventative medicine.

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Things To Do

Guided Walks

Get up close and personal with some of South Africa's majestic wild life.


Horse Rides

Take guided horse rides through the game reserve and experience the African wonders first hand.



Play a round of golf at the Zebula golf Course for those itching to get onto this popular green.


Visit Cheetahs

Meet one of Africa's most beautiful big cats, the Cheetah.


Places To See

Game Reserves

Follow the many Self driving routes through the Dinokeng Nature reserve and admire the wild life.


Bird Hide & Picnic site

Users of the Self Drive Route have a choice of three different Picnic Sites situated along the route. 

Hot air ballooning

Taking off in a hot air balloon as dawn breaks and having the adventure of rising slowly above the bush and drifting along is an amazing experience


Cullinan Mine

The quaint, historic village of Cullinan, about a 30-minutes drive east of Pretoria, was a pioneering mining settlement that made its name with the discovery in 1905 of the world’s biggest diamond, the 3106-carat Cullinan Diamond

4x4 Routes

There are plenty of 4x4 routes in the Hammans kraal area for those that seek a challenge

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